Thanks for the year


It has been a challenging but rewarding year. I’d like to give some acknowledgement and thanks to those that were part of it.

In June my wife DeChantal gave birth to our daughter Rafaela, a simple stunning and beautiful girl. De has been an amazing mom and has surfed the challenges of a new child with grace,  certainly better than me. I’m deeply appreciative that she continues to be such a great mom to both my children. 

This year also saw the launch of a new website for the Journal of Futures Studies,  intended to give the journal new social media potential. A lot of people were part of the making this happen, chief editor Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Hank,  Allen,  Dr. Shunjie Ji, Dr. Jiang bang Deng and others.  It continues to be a real team effort and I am most grateful for everyone’s support. Also to the many editors of JFS that make it possible and maintain the rigor, to contributors, and to those special editors past and future, you know who you are.

This was also the year that the Footscray Maker Lab / Co-op was born, mainly from the effort and leadership of Ilija Minic, Matt Rowbottom,  Hayden O’doherty,  Cam Leeson, and of course the hundreds of supporters of the enterprise. I feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing team of bright and dedicated spirits with such courage. 

This year I continued to work through my business Action Foresight with collaborators Gareth Priday, Tim Mansfield, my partner De, as well as my various clients and associates. It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding year of foresight practice and has required effort and intelligence from many sources,  of which I am grateful.

Earlier this year I worked with Marcus Salvagno in Germany on documenting Liquid Democracy applications. Mt thanks to him for bringing his film expertise and thanks to all the people who made themselves available for interviews and making connections. Also to Volker Grassmuck for his support for the research project. I’m now working on getting the interviews out for public use.

Both my parents really came through for me this year. My father Claudio visited us several times. My mom Elia has been living with or near us for a good chunk of 2014 and making our lives immeasurably better.

My son Ethan had been amazing this year, becoming a brother, building huge lego sets, enduring a broken arm and generally being a great kid.

Many many other friends, family and people showed us great kindness and support this year.

It is hard to overemphasize how difficult and challenging this year has been. I have really relied on the good will and support of many. My heart felt thank to all those that have been part of it!

Wishing everyone an amazing, healthy and joyous 2015.



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