Imagining alternative futures and transmedia storytelling


From left to right: Nikki, Caroline, Jo, me and Margaret (with apologies from Mahesh) – at the Borderland Gandhi Peace Library

I spent saturday with Oases program participants,  facilitating a course called Media Time and Consciousness.

The purpose of the course is to give participants an understanding and methods to analyse the dominant historical, futures and temporal narratives that are propagated through media, and provide tools to do re framing and imagination of alternate metaphors / narratives/ visions and to build communication strategies on the back of this.

To this end our methodology for the course consisted of the following:

1. using G. Lakoff and S. Inayatullah as a theoretical primer on metaphor and narrative
2. using the post structuralist tool kit from causal layered analysis to open up space
3. using causal layered analysis to analyse a particular public narrative
4. using causal layered analysis to reframe the metaphor and begin to create a new story
5. using story based strategy to deepen the new story and begin to make it sticky (eg Heath Bros)
6. drawing from transmedia storytelling to create a story space in which multiple media may interact

Because of the birth of my daughter Rafaela a few weeks ago, my colleague Gareth Priday came to the rescue and facilitated the core 2 days of the course (the course has 4 days so in effect I opened and closed). Thanks again Gareth! We had run this methodology together once already for ‘bendigo a thinking community‘ in 2013.

Needless to say the conversations we had were amazing. Oases has amazing minds. Participants are working on truly intriguing projects both personal, organisational and social, and will use the methodology to do reframing and narrative development in their lives and oases projects.

Finally, much of the day concerned questioning what is disowned and shadow in the work we do, and how we take an ‘integrative’ approach that integrates the shadow and disowned in the narratives we hold and create.

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